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Ancient whispers....
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Beware the Waters Poem
Beware the waters
Their tugging grip
Tossing and rolling surf
Dragging with a deadly undertow
So gentle, so serene
Hiding it's cunning beneath white crests and brilliant blue
The white horses
Feral and captivating
Mesmerize with salty spray
bursting like stars round their fetlocks
They are untouchable
The waves hold no power
They shake the shock of white that is the mane
Freedom is all they know
Still, I tell them
Beware the waters
Their deadly calm and pitching depths
For they tug and snag like thorns
And have drowned more children than the
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A Special Day: Commemorated by Morningwatch A Special Day: Commemorated :iconmorningwatch:Morningwatch 2 0
Duskkit: Made of Glass
Duskkit and Emeraldmyth
My eyes flit around the dying winter, standing on the edge of the forest and almost watching the snow melt away before my eyes…
I sit here for hours, silent and still, and watch life play out around me. It is no different than if I came in to play the game as well. Songbirds flutter through the dead and gnarled trees like forgotten butterflies, keeping to the sky and the bows as their unspoken home.
I've seen deer for the first time. A doe, a fawn, a mighty stag with a mantle of magnificent antlers atop his head as a crown.  I had watched, still and breathing with quick, quiet shivers as the frigid air rushed down my throat. The doe had nudged the small fawn with her nose as he stumbled, helping him along with such a gentle, endearing 'motherness' that I almost choked. My mother has never done anything like that.
I mean, I know she tries to be there for me and everything, but she isn't a very good Mum. The other day she came to me in the m
:iconmorningwatch:Morningwatch 1 3
So this is my art guys, hope you like it, and if you don't even enjoy how incredibly lame it is you can shut your freaking mouth!
A lot of the stuff I post will totally be art for you guys, my friends, so keep a look out an watch this sucker! Actually, don't please, I just want to talk.


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These people's artwork is amazing!


Hey, Tribbs, this is my second critique, so bear with me. ^^ For that matter, I love this piece, especially the colors and the butterfl...

Hey, Icey, I love this piece, still, there are always imperfections and improvements that can be made. Because, as Hannah Montana says,...




United States
My name is Holly. I would tell my last name but then I'd have to kill you and we don't want that would we? I am a fifteen year old shy girl who has found new confidence through DA. Sometimes I wear goofy glasses, just for fun of course, I don't need them. I hang out with the other misfits, we've formed some sort of club. My favorite animal is the wolf and I love all shades of blue. I've traveled a lot, Hawaii, San Diego, England, Florida, you name it. I love getting comments and have way too much time on my hands. Favorites are awesome but I need COMMENTS!
I'm not exactly a social butterfly. If I was in a huge crowd of people I would DIE. I'm a singer, I'm an artist, I'm a dancer, I'm a skater. I carry my camera and notebook everywhere. Snapshots are my inspiration. Music makes me dance. My friends are the people who make me laugh. I actually think I'm wired to sleep during the day so school is Hell.

Current Residence: Michigan ^^
Favourite genre of music: AWESOME MUSIC 0.0
Favourite photographer: *shrugs* With so many beautiful photos out there who knows!?
Favourite style of art: Depends on the Picture
Operating System: I think I know this one....MS????????????????
MP3 player of choice: Alas, I don't follow the trends and I have a Sansa Fuze....
Shell of choice: I'm not a turtle :D
Wallpaper of choice: Turquoise
Skin of choice: What, I'm not racist??
Favourite cartoon character: .... whatever
Personal Quote: It's Raining? Heh, did'nt notice.


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Hey, guys, I got a tablet, finally, and since my scanner hasn't been working I'll finally get to show off my average skillzz. So, I'm going to submit some work and get the feel of PS first, then start doing commissions. Don't hate me if I'm lousy at first, okay guys?
hehe, I forgot how many points you need to get a membership, so my goal is 7000.
I'm not sure if my Dad will get me a membership again when this one expires. 0.0
:hug:'s everyone!!!!

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Reposting this journal because,really do need help

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 31, 2011, 9:12 AM
  • Listening to: My sister watching HP 4
  • Reading: Marked by PC and Kristen Cast
  • Watching: The SCREEN...mesmerizing huh?
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nada

Project CoTH is well underway. Still, not everything is concrete, especially my characters. This journal's purpose is the appearance of Corrin Jacy, the main character. She was, as I first started out this story, a copper-curled, golden-eyed thief with pale skin.
Now, recently, she's become burgundy-red/auburn ALTOGETHER DARKER RED SORTA WITH BLACK, black-eyed imbued with gold tinting/facets, and pale skin and freckles.
I need your opinion, especially those of you who read the first, rudimentary foundations of the story before I took it down.
For those who didn't;
Corrin Jacy is a thief of the lower city in Hyrellis, capitol of the kingdom of Korusel, a land mass of Luros, realm of Aitroseais. SHe's spunky, sullen, hostile, prickly, headstrong, ornery, and can't follow orders to save her life. Or anyone's life, for that matter. Corrin is betrothed to her best friend, Sakerel of Garren, a knight of Korusel, the best swordsmen in the realm, until he betrays her to the palace guard and she is sentenced to death. But instead she is "rescued" by none other than Prince Garreth of Soren, heir to the throne of Korusel. You see, he'd like to do away with her as much as everyone else. Everyone else, that is, except for the gang, the Guild of thieves or GOT. But Garreth has a problem. The kingdom to the south, Oasis, has been overthrown by rebel forces and has declared war.
He makes our little, ornery, independent, I-don't-need-you-or-anyone-else teen an offer that she can't refuse. Well, if she does, she's dead. He has the servants drag her off to the barracks to get cleaned up. She is to be an assassin. And she, along with the others at the Assassin's Academy of Luros/ NEEDS NAME are being taken to camp of sorts. And then they have to infiltrate the palace and assassinate the asinine crap-substitute-royal-family. One problem...Corrin didn't know that girls could be knights, and she finds out in the worst way possible....
This is the story of Corrin and Sakerel, The Guild of thieves, a kingdom on the brink of war, Orsia and Kendra of Rothman, and the female knight errants of the purge.
This story cannot be read up on my profile yet, but two chapters are up on Here's the link to the joint novel, the story of Kendra and Orsia and the purge of Oasis. [link] The prologue was written by moi. I'm posting a poll about this also.
So, guys, burgundy and ______ feel free to suggest eye color. OOOH!! One more important thing, Orsia and the others, COrrin and such, their shifters. Almost everyone in Luros is born with a piece of their soul concealed inside of something. It's a horcrux of sorts. It can be anything from a pocketwatch to a pebble. That piece of their soul harnesses an animal spirit. Orsia's shift, for instance, is a bengal tiger.
When I was younger there was this book series called animorphs where the animal sort of can control them. That's sort of like this, if they don't have the mindset or the willpower/ skill the animal can overtake them.

So, what will it be, I won't guarantee I'll genuinely pick your choice but I'm indecisive. So, here goes.
Burgundy and gold/black
Burgundy and gold all out
Burgundy and ____________
Red and gold
Red and _________
Red and copper______
Hair's copper anyway, by red I mean copper
red and brass
Burgundy and brass
ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give me ideas for part placement/bangs style.
THanks, guys!

Designed by PatrickRuegheimer, coded by Nironan12 (with some help from edmunn)



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